Guanshuai Mao
Born in Ningbo, China in 1993 and now his studio is based in Shanghai. Mao started to craft some wood figures or animals concretely in 2013. By going deeper into wood carving and chiseling, he wanted to explore more since 2017. Because of the unique and charming quality of wood material, as well as the characteristic folk art skills of wood sculpting, Mao tried to create more original and abstract forms, which cannot be directly found in the real world, in a freshly new way. He wants to sculpt the pure inner spirt of the subjects, subliming the distinctive style of wood sculpting. His work emphasizes the individual's spiritual expression, and the language of the work retains both originality and contemporary feeling.In the past decade, he has transformed and precipitated the rich stimulation and inspiration of contemporary urban life to young audience into the source of stories to form his woodwork. He pursues art in the naturalist way: using his own hand to craft and polish wood, thus his works wears an artistic and skin-soft texture, which the form re-interprets the works via light. He continues his creation to search the principle of his wood world through rhythmic abstraction. Exhibition experience includes:group exhibition “The 5TH Ningbo Contemporary Art Exhibition” Ningbo Art Museum, group exhibition “Pride of China” Powerlong Museum in Shanghai, solo exhibition “In Sight” Gene Gallery in Shanghai, group exhibition “Speechless Waves” Cang Lang Ting in Suzhou, group exhibition “Windy June” Shenzhen Art Museum, group exhibition “The Drawing Hand” Danysz Gallery in Shanghai.

1993年出生于中国宁波,现居上海。2013年正式开始木雕创作,用一些木质边角料制作一些人形和动物造型。随着对材料和工艺的不断了解与深入,2017年开始尝试木雕更多的可能性。为了配合木材与众不同的迷人质感以及木雕独特的民艺性质,试图去创造一些更为纯粹,又能同时体现雕刻独特性与事物内在气韵的作品,毛冠帅开始在另一种思考与感知状态下去创作不能在现实世界中直接被找到的实体。其作品强调个体的精神性表达,作品语言既保留原始性又充满当代感。在接近十年的过程中,他将当代都市生活赋予年轻人的丰富刺激与蓬发灵感,转换、沉淀,成为木作的诸多形态的故事性来源。他奉行“风行水上”的工艺处理方式,手对木的销除、抛光,令其作品经历着艺术性的“风化”获得了柔软的肌肤质感,通过此种形态引导了光对作品的二次诠释。他并未停滞于此,通过抽象与节奏感,继续寻求世界中难觅的“根骨”。展览经历包括:宁波美术馆群展《第五届宁波当代艺术展》(2021)、上海宝龙美术馆群展《把当代作为方法》(2021)、上海弥金画廊个展《透》(2021)、苏州沧浪亭群展《无语看波澜》(2020)、深圳美术馆群展《六月风象》(2019)、 上海唐妮诗画廊群展《绘之手》(2019)。