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Muse-Mother and Son

This “Muse-Mother and Son” giant stainless steel sculpture is ten meters high, Completed in Cixi, Ningbo. Cixi is named after the story of Dong An's " mother's kindness and son's filial piety " in the Eastern Han Dynasty. Mao Guanshuai took this as inspiration and combined the glyph structure of the word “five” in running script to create this work. Mother and child are born from the same root, divided into two, and depend on each other, as if they can connect heaven and earth. The sense of huge size makes people feel a kind of inclusive power. The eyes contact in the sculpture is the essence of the mother-child relationship, see each other in each other's eyes, this stable and safe connection will be a source of strength and security deep inside, a memory of self-soothing, an original script of who I am. When the audience walks around the sculpture, they can feel its different forms and various emotions from different angles.

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