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Mao Guanshuai was born in Ningbo, China in 1993 and now lives in Shanghai. He started sculpting in 2013, and in the beginning, he made some human and animal figures from some wood scraps. In the long practice and reflection that followed, after discovering that sculpture as a creative form could create personified images, he continued to expand the expressive forms of his works and made a study of the possibilities of materials for different character undertones. The main media used today are wood, marble and metal. He investigates the possibilities that distinguish sculpture from other creative media and the special connection between the sense of touch and sculpture. His thinking logic is based on the philosophy of existentialism and reflects on the real world in the objective perception of people. He keeps a distance from the visible reality and asks questions about it with exaggerated lines. The language of his works is both primitive and contemporary. Exhibition experience includes:solo exhibition “Shadow of the Moon” Matthew Liu Fine Arts in Shanghai, group exhibition“Towards a New Land:Tales of the Ancient Pavilion”Suzhou Garden Art Festival, group exhibition “The 5TH Ningbo Contemporary Art Exhibition” Ningbo Art Museum, group exhibition “Pride of China” Powerlong Museum in Shanghai, solo exhibition “In Sight” Gene Gallery in Shanghai, group exhibition “Speechless Waves” Cang Lang Ting in Suzhou, group exhibition “Windy June” Shenzhen Art Museum, group exhibition “The Drawing Hand” Danysz Gallery in Shanghai.

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